S’more Summer

S’more Summer
S’more Summer
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Change Summer
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Naming, Strategy, Branding

Revolutionizing Summer: S'more Summer's Journey to Inclusive Camp Experiences.

S'more Summer, an initiative by Change Summer, aims to foster joy, equity, and belonging by partnering with camps to create transformative summer experiences with a Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging focus. Having a strong parent brand (Change Summer) they turned to Overture to create a new brand that would compliment the parent company’s branding and messaging. The new brand had to have the ability to effectively communicate their service offerings and form partnerships on a larger scale.

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Unlocking Summer's Potential: Decoding S'more Summer's transformative approach to camp.

We embarked on a thrilling brand development adventure for S'more Summer. Our aim was to capture their essence and mission, showcasing their commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) in summer camps. Their ability to communicate their mission and value with clarity and passion opened doors to countless collaborations, propelling them to expand their reach and impact. Today, S'more Summer continues to create awe-inspiring, inclusive, and life-changing summer adventures that spark joy, champion equity, and cultivate a profound sense of belonging for all. The future of summer has never been brighter.