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Black at PWI
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Brand Refresh, Launch Campaign

Empowering Black Identity at PWIs: A Revolutionary Rebrand for Inclusivity and Mentorship

Black students at predominantly white institutions (PWIs) often navigate unique cultural and social challenges. Recognizing the need for a more supportive community that resonates with the experiences of Black students, Black at PWI sought to revamp their brand to better represent and advocate for their unique needs and values within PWI campuses. Overture Brand Studio was tasked with transforming the visual and strategic identity of Black at PWI to foster a sense of belonging and empowerment. Our approach was twofold: to reinforce the organization's positioning as a beacon of support and to overhaul its visual identity to reflect a modern, inclusive aesthetic.

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Cultivating Community and Cultural Pride

The rebranding of Black at PWI has not only elevated their visual appeal but has also strategically positioned them as a vital resource and community for Black students at PWIs. The new brand identity resonates deeply with the students, faculty, and professionals, fostering a strong sense of identity and belonging. It's more than a new look; it's a renewed commitment to inclusivity, mentorship, and cultural pride.

Since the rebrand, Black at PWI has seen a significant increase in engagement both online and on campuses. Their strengthened brand identity has helped them to more effectively advocate for the needs and concerns of Black students, ensuring that these voices are not only heard but celebrated. Through strategic storytelling and targeted visual communications, Black at PWI continues to inspire and empower, proving that every student truly belongs in every hall.