AJ’s Story

AJ’s Story
AJ’s Story
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Bronx Film Initiative
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Film Premier Advertising and Signage Social Campaign

BFI's Journey from Bronx Classrooms to the Big Screen

The Bronx Film Initiative (BFI) was created by Director Christina Richardson in a “Re-Fund the Arts” initiative. By partnering with the New York City Department of Education Richardson provided high school students from select schools with a creative social-emotional program titled “Let’s Make a Movie” that encouraged teens from one of New York City’s most underserved boroughs with the outlet to tell a story creatively about situations they see every day in their community. The students wrote, cast, directed, scored, and edited the film with professional guidance. Armed with an awe-inspiring film, BFI aimed for greatness. Their challenge: to share this remarkable work with the world and ensure it received the recognition it deserved. In partnership with Overture, BFI embarked on a journey to promote the film and plan an unforgettable premiere. Through creative marketing, community engagement, and media partnerships, they aimed to create a buzz that would resonate far and wide.

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Amplifying Impact through Collaboration

When it came to promoting the independent film's grand premiere at the iconic Lincoln Center, Overture was ready to jump in. We didn't just provide Marketing and Design services; we orchestrated an unforgettable awareness and promotional campaign. We leveraged social platforms to ignite engagement. From exclusive behind-the-scenes glimpses to exciting giveaways, we kept the buzz alive and encouraged engagement across various social platforms.